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In this book we want to share our goal with you and how our commitment to people is helping us build a better tomorrow for all those we serve.

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Our name ‘Doosan’ Image

Our name ‘Doosan’

Doosan is made up of two Korean words.
‘Doo’ means a unit of grain, while ‘San’ means a mountain.
Together, they mean ‘little grains that can build a mighty mountain’,
suggesting that great things can be achieved
when even the tiniest forces join together in a unified effort.

Doosan, Our commitment to people Imgae

Doosan, Our commitment to people

Established in 1896,
despite our ceaseless growth and transformations,
our commitment to people has never changed.

Providing the infrastructure of tomorrow Image

Providing the infrastructure of tomorrow

Doosan is the fastest growing Infrastructure Support Business
in the world. We provide communities across five continents
with the fundamental solutions, tools and structures they need
to advance their societies.

We are committed to providing the opportunities that enables people
and communities around the world to flourish, prosper, and create
a better world for tomorrow.

Advancing through people

Advancing through people

Whether this is by providing the tools and facilities to open up
new opportunities, by supporting them in their business enterprises,
or simply by providing a helping hand in times of need,
Doosan is committed to making a better world for everyone.
It is our character that defines us at Doosan and sets us apart from
other companies.

Creating a world of opportunities Image

Creating a world of opportunities

We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and develop valuable,
reliable products and solutions that improve everyone’s quality of life.

By a ‘better world’ we mean a world of opportunity where
each of us has the tools and facilities to reach our full potential.
For some, opportunity may mean having fresh water to enjoy fuller
harvests. For others, it may mean having power to light the family home,
or the tools to make machines to advance in business.

Whatever may be needed to meet to challenges of the future,
we are ready to play our part.
That’s what ‘Building your tomorrow today’ means to all of us at Doosan.