2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Doosan Enpure awarded States of Jersey Bellozanne Phase 2 Sludge Contract

Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works (STW) in St Helier serves the Island of Jersey and is operated by The States of Jersey’s Transport and Technical Services (TTS) Department. 

Doosan Enpure have secured the contract to design, procure, construct and commission the new sludge treatment works which replaces the existing sludge works as part of an ongoing capital maintenance programme.  The project was won on a competitive basis due to the small footprint solution achieved by the pasteurisation process.

The Phase 2 facilities will comprise sludge thickening, storage, pasteurisation, digestion and dewatering. The plant treats circa 10500 kg DS/d and incorporates Doosan’s in-house established pasteurisation technology that ensures that the sludge is held at 55 degrees C for 4 hours prior to passing to the anaerobic digestion plant. This ensures that the required level of pathogen kill is achieved and once anaerobically digested and dewatered, the end product is suitable for use as a soil enhancer. The biogas generated is utilised to power a CHP unit that in turn generates electricity for on site usage and provides hot water for heating the raw sludge up to the temperature required for pasteurisation.

Equipment provided includes sludge storage, sludge screening, pasteurisation plant, 3 anaerobic digesters (circa 1,700 m3 each), gas handling, gas holder, flare, CHP plus all associated piping, valves, pumps, associated instrumentation, MCCs and PLC based control system.

Avtar Jirh, Managing Director of Doosan Enpure said “We are delighted to have secured the contract for this prestigious project and are looking forward to building a successful relationship with the States of Jersey in the years ahead”.

States of Jersey Bellozanne Phase 2 Sludge Contract

Front row: John Rogers (CEO Transport and Technical Services), Avtar Jirh (MD, DEL) Senator Ian Gorst (Chief Minister of Jersey)  Mr Seok Won Yun (CEO Water BG ) Deputy Kevin Lewis (Minister for Transport and Technical Services) Wonkyu Yim (Operations Director, DEL)
Second row: Ceri Brown (Project Manager DEL), David Garnet (Technical Specialist DEL),Deputy James Baker (Assistant Minister, Economic Affairs) Ellen Littlechild (Director for Environment/Deputy Chief Officer) David Walwyn, (Deputy Director External Relations, States of Jersey )Mr Limhyun Cho, Marketing team leader