2016.04.21 | Doosan Enpure

Doosan Enpure employees support fourth Doosan Day of Community Service

Employees at Birmingham based Doosan Enpure joined colleagues around the world on Friday 15 April 2016 in a day of charitable deeds to mark the fourth Doosan Day of Community Service. Doosan Enpure employees kept the community spirit alive by providing assistance at a local branch of RSPCA providing Gardening and landscaping services to the memorial garden for beloved pets and also other areas of the centre.

Meanwhile other employees assisted with one of our clients, Northumbrian Water in their community activity by painting the village hall in Horsley.

The volunteering activities formed part of the Doosan Day of Community Service, a global initiative from the Korea-based Doosan Group designed to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility among its  employees worldwide.   The Doosan Day of Community Service is a global initiative that sees up to 8,400 Doosan employees in 20 countries volunteer their time in support of their local communities.


employees support fourth Doosan Day

Doosan Enpure volunteers including Jangkyu Shin (Operations Director) and Avtar Jirh (Managing Director)