2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Doosan Enpure secures contract at world's largest Copper Mine

The Doosan Enpure scope is being carried out from our office in Birmingham UK and includes design, suply and installation of a 446,000m3/d pre-treatment plant, comprising 60 no 12.5 x 4m rubber-lined pressure dual media filters, complete with automated media reloading system and scouring air blowers.

Avtar Jirh, MD of Doosan Enpure said "this contract on such a forward-looking project in a new region for us is a source of huge pride, and I congratulate our team. To secure this contract in only our first year shows that clients understand how our expertise in filtration can provide solutions to a wide range of industrial applications".

The US$103 million project is part of an overall US$3.4 billion expansion of the mine, which contributes 4% of the country's GDP.

The Escondida seawater desalination plant will have a combined daily output of about 220,000 m³/d, sufficient for the daily water requirements of approximately 550,000 people, making it the largest RO type project to be constructed in the Latin American region. It will deliver 2,500 litres of desalinated seawater water per second (57 MIGD or ML/D) to ensure continued running of the new 152,000 tonnes per day OGP1 copper concentrator.

The project will also show significant environmental benefits by reducing reliance on the region’s aquifers, which is one of the driest places on the planet.

Under the deal, Doosan will take charge of the supply of the plant's facilities and equipment as well as supervision for erection and commissioning. The project will see first water production towards the end of 2016. Produced at the desalination plant in a coastal area in the state of Antofagasta on the northern coast, the water will be supplied to the mine, located approximately 3,000 m above sea level, via a 180 km pipeline.