2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Doosan Sponsors 2015 Open Championship

Doosan enjoys a major boost to its brand globally thanks to six
consecutive years as a Patron Sponsor of The Open

An Open Championship sponsor since 2010, Doosan is back to the prestigious golf tournament for a sixth consecutive year, increasing international awareness of the company’s brand like never before.

Most notably, Doosan is installing an eight-meter-long widescreen LED billboard outside the company’s exhibition booth on the tournament grounds, where the company’s businesses and brand stories will be vividly told. Moreover, the exhibit will also feature an excavator simulator, virtual golf simulators, and a photo zone for visitors to enjoy.

The boost to the Doosan brand coming from the exposure of its logo in the media is expected to be substantial. In 2014 alone, the exposure of the Doosan logo on TV during The Open was worth an estimated 8.57 million pounds (about US$14.6 million), according to an analysis by Repucom, a global brand analysis firm.

During the Open Championship 2014, the Doosan logo appeared on fences around the teeing grounds, gaining exposure for a total of 188,873 seconds (or more than 52 hours), with 87.7 million viewers from 190 countries watched the tournament.

The 144th Open Championship (also known as the British Open) will be returning to St Andrews "The Home of Golf" from 12 - 19 July 2015


Doosan Sponsors 2015 Open Championship

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