2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Water In Mining Conference - May 2014

Doosan Enpure presented at the Water in Mining 2014 Conference in Vina del Mar, Chile where our head of R&D and Technology, Tony Amato, presented his paper entitled “A multi facetted approach to water treatment and pretreatment” dealing with the application of established technologies and how these can on occasion require a different approach when dealing with two water types, in this case surface and saline waters. The following are some short extracts from the presentation.

“The treatment of water involves a number of different processes which are brought together and are operated in parallel or in series, both separately and simultaneously.”

“.... these are seen as different facets comprising the total plant, i.e. multifaceted water treatment plant. It is not unusual for each of these facets to be specified as if they are standalone processes though in practice they are merely one aspect of a treatment train, where each part is potentially not only linked to the next but also to some ancillary process. This requires the designer to take a more holistic approach when considering the final product requirement in terms of both quality and flow”.

“... some key water treatment processes used to produce water for potable or process use from surface non saline waters, and as pretreatment for seawater reverse osmosis are presented including dissolved air flotation and dual media filters”.

“In conclusion....... It suffices to say that the statement “one size does not fit all” can be applied to the treatment of water regardless of its source or ultimate use”

This and similar papers are available from Doosan Enpure.

Water In Mining Conference